Shoppiem is a realtime "conversation" chat bot for products on Amazon. It is an evolution of Fooreviews. Instead of performing deep technical analysis on products reviews, Shoppiem allows users to simply paste in a product url and start a conversation with a chatbot. They can ask the chatbot any questions they may have about the product and the chatbot will engage in a human-like discussion and answer the questions. The bot uses Amazon product reviews in order to train the ML model used for the conversation.

An actual use case looks like so:

Anytime a user asks a question, the conversation engine queries the model that we have trained at the start of the session. The training session takes a few minutes. In some cases, it requires some bit of supervision. At the end of the process, the response is pretty accurate and reliable. Obviously one could use full text search and avoid the entire ML process. But the key difference here is that the responses are not based on text maching but context and semantic relation. In addition, there is sentiment analysis of the feature of interest to provide the best response. 

Although Shoppiem is more practical for consumer use than Fooreviews, it's prohibitively slow and expensive to operate. 


GITHUB (Backend)

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